Substance: Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen)
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Manufacturer – Alpha Pharma 

Drug form – 50 tablets of 40 mcg

Active ingredient – Clenbuterol hydrochloride

Clenbuterol, a beta-2 agonist drug, is widely used in the clinical field for the treatment of bronchial asthma. In the early 2000s, a strong fat-burning effect was noticed, which gave it the popularity of application in bodybuilding and other sport cultures where excess weight is irrelevant. Therefore, athletes often use Astralean during the drying period. The drug belongs to a number of adrenomimetics, which in turn excite beta-2-adrenoreceptors, further along the chain the work of the sympathetic nervous system is started and eventually lipolysis, which gives the effect of fat burning. You can buy Clenbuterol at a pharmacy, but only with a prescription. Buying Clenbuterol via our website, you will not need a prescription! The drug has nothing to do with anabolic steroids and is not an anabolic substance.

Some manufacturers of sport nutrition include Clenbuterol in the formula of fat burners, which is fully illegal, due to it not being an anabolic drug.

Action mechanism

The fat burning process is based on a number of complex reactions that look like this. Connecting with beta-receptors of the second type, in the fat and muscle cells of the body, a turn of biochemical reactions starts, as a result of which the synthesis of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) increases, then enzymes that mobilize fatty acids from adipocytes are activated. In addition, the action of Clenbuterol stimulates the strengthening of adrenaline and noradrenaline, these two hormones also give a powerful fat burning effect. In each pack, Clenbuterol has instructions for use, it says that the drug is able to increase the level of basic metabolism by 20-30% from the initial level.

The active substance of Astralean is able to suppress the splash of lipoprotein lipase, the result of this factor makes the deposition of adipose tissues impossible. In addition, this remedy is able to increase the secretion of thyroid gland hormones, which in nature is a natural fat burner of the body.

The attractiveness of Astralean in bodybuilding was not only for the property of fat burning, the uniqueness of the features of the drug emphasizes its clearly expressed anti-catabolic effect, which makes it an irreplaceable drug in dry weight gain courses with fat burning, as it does not often happen that athletes lose not only a layer of subdermal fat, but also the quality and volume of muscles. Clenbuterol preserves muscle mass without letting the muscles implode or destroy themselves by becoming a source of fuel for the body.

As has been proven by experiments on humans, Clenbuterol has been seen to deliver a similar effect to the moderate anabolic effect.

Effect and action

– Fat burning. Athletes and women most often use Clenbuterol for weight loss and muscle drying;

– Able to increase strength and endurance by 10-15 %;

– Reduces appetite;

– Promotes the preservation of muscles (anti-catabolic effect);

– There is a slight anabolic like effect felt for the users;

– Dilates bronchi and improves breathing for enhanced endurance within workouts and sports.

Many athletes write reviews on Clenbuterol and most of them are positive, people write that there are practically no irreversible side effects. A lot of positive effects and a low price make Clenbuterol the most effective fat burner in sports. If the main goal is to lose as many kilograms as soon as possible, with the right diet and reasonable preparation of the course, you can lose up to 8kg within four weeks from its use.

Clenbuterol by Alpha Pharma application: weight loss or drying

Most of the world’s population suffers from excess weight, people go to the gym and try, but the process of losing weight is a long thing, especially for people whose body is predisposed to weight gain, in the end, each of them asks the question: how do I lose weight quickly?

If the results are keeping you waiting, then Clenbuterol is exactly what you need! But before you buy Clenbuterol, you should read this section carefully!

Clenbuterol instructions: if you are going to use Clenbuterol for weight loss, the daily dose for men will be 120-140mcg per day. Women should adhere to a dose of 80-100mcg per day. Having its own little nuances, the course of Clenbuterol should be modeled by a person with experience in order to avoid adverse reactions.

For greater effect, in the course of drying, Astralean is often combined with thyroxine (T3) and ketotifen, these drugs accelerate the process of weight loss. The course of Clenbuterol itself looks like this: the cycle begins with a three-week intake of the drug, then a two-week break is taken, due to the fact that the receptor uptake is quickly destroyed on Clenbuterol, and visible results are not so quickly manifested. These two weeks of break are replaced by taking ketotifen, it briefly knocks down the tolerance and uptake of the receptors and the Astralean can be reused as effectively as originally. Ketotifen cannot be used, but the break in this case should be much longer. Thus, courses for three week cycles and two weeks in-between this, can be repeated about three times safely.

A course of Clenbuterol without Ketotifen:

The duration of the cycle is three weeks, you start with 20mcg per day, on the third day you need to take 40mcg and so up to 14 days you need to add 20mcg spread-out so that on the fourteenth day your dosage is 100mcg. Then from14 to 21 days, you take 120mcg without increasing or lowering the dosage. On day 19, you need to lower the dosage back down to 80mcg, and on day 20, the dosage is lowered to 40mcg, after which a two-three week break is taken. Further after the break, you can again take the same course and repeat these actions.

It is advisable to take tablets in the morning after eating ready for your training session. An evening intake is extremely undesirable (it can provoke insomnia). When you reach four tablets, you can divide the intake into two times, for example, at 9:00 and at 15:00. During the first week, the dose should tend upwards, this gives a good acceleration to the work of the Astralean, then in the last days of the course, the dosage can be lowered. Here is an example of a four-week course using drugs to keep the receptor uptake clean for longer:

A course with Ketotifen:

Day     Clenbuterol       Ketotifen

1                 20 mcg

2                 40 mcg

3                 60 mcg

4                 80 mcg

5                100 mcg                 1 mg

6-27           120 mcg                 2 mg

28               80 mcg                  2 mg 

29               50 mcg                  1-2 mg

30               33-35 mcg             1 mg

Next, a two-week rest is taken.

Intake: Ketotifen, at night, Clenbuterol, in the morning.

Side effects

The following adverse reactions can occur exclusively during the course:

– Insomnia (8 %) – excluded by ketotifen;

– Trembling (20 %) – often manifests itself in the first days of intake;

– Nausea (3 %);

– Convulsions and the jitters (on the first days of intake);

– Blood pressure, increases by 6 % of the norm, is excluded by beta-1 adrenergic receptor blocking agents. Biosporol – 5 mg/day;

– Sweating (10 %);

– Heartbeat (60 %) can be eliminated by taking beta-1 adrenergic receptor blocking agents. Biosporol – 5mg/day;

– Anxiety (6 %) is excluded by ketotifen;

– Diarrhea (5 %) – at the first stages of taking the drug;

– Sometimes headache (due to high blood pressure).

As you can see, most of the side effects manifest themselves in the initial days of intake, the rest of the ailments can be bypassed by taking Ketotifen and Biosporol, both drugs are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription.

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