How to build the pectoral muscles at home with push-ups from the floor?

Do you want your T-shirt to be tight in the chest area? All that is needed for this is push-ups and a floor within your home or other favored designated areas.

If you have a burning desire to build impressive pectoral muscles, then it is quite natural that you first of all turn to the bench press. But in fact, just using the bench press makes it nearly impossible to complete this task. First, think about this fact: the main function of the pectoral muscles is to move your arms forward and towards each other. And to do this with a barbell is impossible, therefore, if you do just bench press, you will not fully pump up your pectoral muscles from every angle. That’s a Fact! 

The easiest solution is to forget about the bench press for a while and switch to chest workouts at home. No equipment is needed for these exercises. They are composed entirely of different variations of push-ups and work the muscles of the chest and arms at different angles in order to maximize the load on the upper body and mainly the different heads of the pectoral muscles.


How to train

  1. Once or twice a week. The break between workouts and the next load on the upper body should be at least 48 hours.
  2. The number of repetitions per set in this workout is small, so it will not be time-consuming.
  3. All repetitions in the set should be done without stopping, or with very short rest pauses. Then rest for 2 minutes and repeat the approach. After the second set, again rest for 2 minutes and take the last approach. Only 3 sets for each exercise are needed.


Alternating push-ups – 20 reps. Start from a standard position. We lower ourselves to one side, turning the body so that the body weight is supported as much as possible on one shoulder. We then return to the starting position. We do the same on the other side. This counts as 2 approaches or “sets”.

Rearrange push-ups – 20 reps. We start from the standard position, but one hand rests in front of the shoulder and the other is behind the shoulder. We go down and return. This counts as one set. Now we change the position of the palms (rearrange or perform a jump switch over) and continue the exercise.

Diamond push-ups – 10 reps. This is very effective for working out the triceps. You need to position your palms so that your index fingers and thumbs form a triangle. We lower ourselves until the chest touches the fingers and return to the starting position, this is performed for 10 reps at a time to make one set.

“Gorilla” push-ups – 10 reps. We go down from the standard starting position, then push off the floor with a sharp movement. With a clap at the top, we touch the chest with both palms and quickly return to the starting position, please take care while performing this exercise and make sure there are no sharp or pointy objects below you in case of a fall. 

With an emphasis on one leg – 10 reps. Raise one leg, keep the buttocks in tension. Perform a push-up and return to the starting position. Change leg and repeat this again to complete one full set.


Additional home exercises for chest muscles

After a few weeks, replace some of the push-ups with new ones from the list below. Even when you change the exercise very little (angle, direction or load), it is very beneficial for muscle growth and muscle mass gain.

Corkscrew. We start from a standard position, but place our hands in front of the shoulders. While bending the elbows and moving the chest down, turn the hips first in one direction and then in the other direction for the second set. By placing our palms slightly in front, we increase the load on the shoulders (deltoids). The hip turns include the core and lower abdominals within the process also.

“Archer”. We start in the standard position. But when lowering down, we stretch one of the arms to the side. Then we return to the starting position. We repeat the same for the other. This variation puts the maximum load on the small but very important stabilizing muscles of the shoulder, which are forced to maintain the balance of the whole body within this exercise.

“Dive bomber”. The starting position is the same. The exercise begins with lifting the hips up and bending the elbows. Then we lower the head and chest down and forward. We do push-ups and repeat everything in the reverse order. The muscles of the shoulders and back are especially well worked out here.

With steps.From the standard position, rearrange the left palm close to the right, and then put the right palm back shoulder-width apart. After that, do the usual push-up. Repeat this in the opposite direction. This counts as one repetition when one rep has been performed on both sides.

Dynamic push-ups with a platform. Starting position: we set our hands on a bench. We slowly lower ourselves, touch our fingers with our chest, and then with an explosive movement we push off, and quickly move our hands to the floor. In this case, the bench is located between your palms. Without stopping, we push off the floor and return to the starting position. Caution: Do not bump your chin against the bench. As this is very unpleasant. You can practice this movement on smaller heighted objects before moving onto the normal bench.

On one hand. The name speaks for itself. We do push-ups on the left hand, and on the right hand. After this has been complete, then we change hands. DO not be discouraged if you cannot do this at first, practicing the normal pushups will enable you to build the strength required for this exercise and once you can perform this, you will be very happy with your progress.

Bench cross push-up. We do push-ups on the left hand while the right one is located on the bench. With a sharp movement, we rearrange the left to the bench, and rearrange the right to the floor. We do push-ups in this position. This all counts as one repetition. Please note, for this exercise you will need two benches located on either side.

Diamond push-ups on the bench. Again, everything is clear from the title. We place our palms on a bench so that the index and thumb form a triangle. In this case, the load falls more on the middle and lower part of the pectoral muscles.



Now you have many different ways and techniques to complete these workouts form the comfort of your own home, adopting these exercises will allow for you to grow and beautiful chest muscles and they will become much more pumped up and firm from these exercises. You will also notice that other chest exercises become easier after you have mastered these chest exercises.

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