How to build the biceps?

I don’t want to squat, I want big biceps

A small digression at the beginning of the article. Big arms with thin legs looks obscenely shameful. Stick two matches into the potato and this is how you may look from the outside. Remember only a harmoniously developed body will evoke admiration. As a rule, the legs should be able to lift double what the top half can, so if your top half is much bigger, the body will always to cut it back down to be in proportion with your legs.

And now to the point. As sad as it may sound, but in the main volume of the arm, the triceps play a main role in making the biceps look bigger (read in a separate article on how to pump up the triceps). Regardless, not pumping your biceps would be a crime!

The biceps have two heads or bundles (“bi” means “two”). The long head is located in the front outer part of the arm, starting from the top edge of the scapula and this is called the glenoid fossa. The short head is located closer to the inner part of the arm and also starts from the scapula but somewhat lower. Further, both heads merge and enter the tuberosity of the radius. The main function of the biceps is to flex the arm at the elbow joint, which almost all exercises consist of this movement.

Specific features of bicepstraining

  • Bicep workouts can be combined with the training of the chest and triceps, and you can train them in a separate day, but for the triceps only;
  • In order to avoid stagnation (lack of progress), you should periodically, once every 3-6 weeks, change exercises and the sequence of these exercises, also vary the weight of the load and training schemes (read how to do this correctly here);
  • The basis for large biceps are basic exercises (of course, with a load on the biceps). This is a standing barbell curl, pull-ups with a reverse narrow grip and standing dumbbell curls. Isolation exercises are intended only for additional definition and refinement;
  • Frequent workouts will not bring the desired result, as one bicep workout is enough per week.

Best Main Biceps Exercises

  • Barbell Curls
  • Standing Dumbbell Curls
  • Hammer Smith Curls
  • Scott’s Bench Climb
  • Concentrated Biceps Curls
  • Sitting Dumbbell Curls
  • Arny’s 21 Isolated Bicep Curls


Barbell Curl

Take a barbell with your hands in a bottom grip, the hands about shoulder-width apart. The bar should hang freely with your arms outstretched in front of you. Bend your arms at the elbows, up in a wide arc, lift it as high as possible, while the elbows should remain motionless and pressed to the body without movement. You should not just lift the bar straight up and thus make the exercise too easy. At the top, fully contract and tense your biceps, giving them a good “squeeze” and a “pump”. Lower the barbell down the same way without stopping to overcome resistance and until your arms are fully extended. In this exercise, a slight body movement is allowed. But it should be minimal, unless you are doing the so-called “cheating”. The only thing that should not move is your elbows, as this will help to isolate the bicep muscles.

Cheating is a way to perform strength exercises in which additional muscle groups are involved if the target ones already fail. This will not make the biceps grow, so when you start moving and cannot lift with your biceps any longer, finish that particular set.

Dumbbell Curl

From a biomechanical point of view, it does not differ from performing with a barbell, provided that you do not unfold the dumbbells in the course of the lift. The only thing is that an equal load needs to fall on each hand, while when performing with a barbell, a slightly larger load will be taken by the stronger hand. With this exercise, you should always train at the pace of the weakest arm.


In its work, the exercise uses the biceps, brachial muscle, as well as the short and long extensors of the wrist. It is the best exercise for helping in the development of the shoulder muscles also.

In a sitting or standing position, take dumbbells in your hands, palms facing each other. Bending your arms in a wide arc, without taking your elbows back, raise the dumbbells to your shoulders. Then lower it to its original position. This exercise can be done in various different ways to target the different heads. But in simple terms, do it slowly and controlled until you feel the isolated bicep muscle burning, once you have this sensation, you can continue with this good technique of the biceps isolation.

Rise on Scott’s Bench

An auxiliary isolation exercise for the development of the biceps, the exercise is considered one of the most effective for working out. The name was given in honor of the inventor of the bench, Larry Scott.

Larry Scott (October 12, 1938, Blackfoot – March 8, 2014, Idaho) – American bodybuilder, the first holder of the title “Mr. Olympia” (1965, 1966). After completion of his sports career he lived in the state of Utah.

Sit on a bench, put your hands on its surface, so that in the upper position the elbows do not leave the support, and in the lower position there is no discomfort in the area of the shoulders. You can perform the exercise both with dumbbells, as well as with a barbell.

Take a starting position, then bend your arms, lifting the bar to your chin. After you have fully bent your arms and raised the bar, slowly begin to extend your arms. When lowering the implement, try not to “remove” the load by fully straightening your arms, they must be kept in constant tension.

Within these exercises for the full muscle hypertrophy or “mass growth” of the biceps, Larry Scott would have been using Testosterone and Dianabol. These superb agents allow for more oxygen to be circulated within the blood and fed to the muscles. When using these substances, a user can really push their boundaries and grow the biceps like never before!

Concentrated biceps curl

This is also an isolation exercise. In some humble opinions, the concentrated biceps curl is the least effective exercise for most people. Still, to build big biceps, you need to give preference to basic exercises. However, this exercise is taking place and is often used by athletes because the performer looks quite brutal within this exercise.

Sit on a bench, take a dumbbell in your hand. Resting your elbow on the inside of the knee so that no support is given, leaving your shoulder motionless, bend your arm at the elbow and bring your hand towards the shoulder. The leg that you rested on with your elbow should not bow, with your free hand you can rest on a bench or on your other free leg for a brace support.

Dumbbell Seated Biceps Curl

There are two options for the body’s position during this exercise: vertical and tilted. The second option is performed using an adjustable bench, we should set an inclination of 60-45 degrees on the bench for this. We lie down with our backs against the bench and complete the exercise. In the first case, you can perform the exercise leaning on the back of a bench in an upright position, or perform without a back, which is much more difficult.

For the classic version:

Sit on a bench, press yourself against the back, tighten your abs. Take dumbbells in your hands, lower them down with outstretched arms and the palms facing each other. Bending your arms, without taking your elbows back, raise the dumbbells to shoulder level. As soon as the dumbbells have reached the level of the hips, turn the dumbbells at such a speed that by the end point the palms are facing your body, linger in this position, while squeezing the biceps as much as possible. In a controlled manner, lower the dumbbells down, carefully twisting back the palms to the original starting position, but not fully until the arms are fully extended.

Now let’s group the above listed exercises:

Priority exercises for beginners:

  • – Flexion of the arms with a barbell;
  • – Hammer curls;
  • – Lifting the dumbbells while sitting.

For experienced athletes:

Experienced athletes should not be limited to basic or isolation exercises only. The whole range of exercises are at your disposal, but do not rush to register yourself as “experienced athletes”. As unless you are using some agents to help with your growth, you will never hit your full potential and capabilities for the muscle’s growth. Take Anadrol and Clenbuterol for example, these two great agents can both help to aid the growth of muscle mass by 30% or more and also help with the endurance aspect of the workouts. An example of this would be that you can do 90 minutes now at a push, but with the use of the non-steroidal enhancer, you may complete 120 minutes with ease and still have more in the tank.


Latest biceps training tips

If you have recently started your trips to the gym, then you better shift your gaze to basic exercises for all muscle groups, and even more so for the arms. When planning your workout, be careful with biceps exercises. Since with frequent training of the same muscle groups, regression occurs or the result does not budge, and you will quickly lose your passion for training, luckily in these cases, there any many substances within our store that can help to eliminate this problem. Even worse, if overtraining occurs you can actually lose muscle if you do not have any anti-catabolic agents that are used within your supplementation. Remember: cyclicity, regularity, constancy and periodization of the load is the key to success, so go for it!
Remember that the bulk of the arm when looking is the triceps. And most importantly, the harmony of the development of the whole body is important and with the use of some extra training supplements that can enhance different aspects of your training needs, the desired results will come in not even half of the time!