Insulin and Steroid Cycles

In today’s sports society, insulin is quite popular among weightlifters, because it is one of the most powerful anabolics. Insulin in sports is quite normal. This hormone can compete with many anabolic steroids when it comes to muscle growth. The anabolic effect of insulin in some way even surpasses the effect of steroids. But it also has its drawbacks, for example, insulin has very little effect on strengthening the ligaments and joints.

In bodybuilding, insulin helps athletes strengthen the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and it also facilitates the rapid penetration of all necessary components into the cells. In addition, insulin can inhibit the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates as well as improve energy metabolism. 

The thing is that if you inject a large amount of insulin into the body, then the blood sugar level will decrease significantly. But, at the same time, the body’s defence will work, the growth hormone will start to be produced, and the sugar level will begin to gradually recover. Sometimes an increase in the level of growth hormone can reach up to five times. This contributes to increased anabolism. So insulin in sports helps not only the release of the “necessary” hormone, but also helps to strengthen it. When taking insulin, the body increases the supply of glycogen. This accumulated energy will be used later during physical exertion or during long breaks between meals.

The hormone is produced in the pancreas, while eating increases its production several times. Rest and psychological balance also have a positive effect on insulin production. Foods with a huge amount of lipoic acid contribute to the production of insulin.

Bodybuilding Insulin

To increase the level of insulin in the body, you can also inject special drugs. In principle, today insulin can be purchased at any pharmacy. However, note that insulin is administered via an insulin syringe. Using a leftover used syringe can negatively affect an athlete’s health, this is why we advise using a new, sterile syringe for each injection of insulin. After taking the hormone, you may want to sleep, but at this point you should not sleep at all, since the level of insulin rises to the limit point.

For 4 hours, insulin remains active, with 2 hours per peak. Insulin used in sports, although an accepted phenomenon, is nevertheless introducing an artificial hormone into the body which is a dangerous and sometimes unjustified business. Before using the hormone, learn to use it correctly, and it is always better to first consult with a specialist.

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