At, we offer a wide range of anabolic steroids for sale with fast shipping across the USA. We ship directly from manufacturers’ warehouses in Europe and Asia, ensuring the fastest and most reliable shipping times. Our discreet steroid shipping process ensures your order is processed safely and discreetly. 

We use the best ways to ship steroids by working with the best shipping companies in the USA, providing you with the fastest steroid shipping possible. With EMS shipping to the USA, you can track your shipment’s progress and monitor shipping delays. For those looking to ship steroids domestically, our shipping services cover all major US cities and far-flung towns alike. 

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Approximate shipping dates

  • At, we know that fast and reliable shipping is critical when it comes to purchasing steroids. That’s why we offer speedy shipping to major US cities, with shipping typically taking between 6 to 10 days. 
  • For those in far-flung towns, shipping may take up to 14 days. 
  • ·       International orders to destinations such as the EU, UK, and Asia typically take between 7 to 17 days.

Verify if your order is set up for shipping

We offer direct shipment from our trusted manufacturers’ warehouses in Europe and Asia, ensuring that your order arrives to you as quickly as possible. To verify the status of your shipment, simply enter your order number and email address on this website.

Monitoring Your Shipment

What should I do if my tracking code is nowhere to be found?

Your tracking code will become active 2 to 5 days after you’ve paid for your order and it has left our warehouse. You can access your account here and look for it under “Order History” after logging in.

What websites can I use to track EMS (USPS) shipping?

  • You may track your shipment here if it’s destined for a non-US country or before it arrives at US customs control:
  • Track the progress of your shipment using the USPS website after clearance by US customs.

Shipping Delays

Are there any possibilities for shipment delays?

Shipping delays may occur due to external factors beyond our control, such as postal service effectiveness, customs clearance, and international transit routes. Airmail packages usually arrive within 5 to 10 working days, and we aim to deliver all packages within 10 to 17 working days.

What causes delays in shipments?

Packages pass through local and national postal service hubs both at the point of departure from our warehouse and the point of arrival in the nation where you are receiving your cargo before being processed for customs clearance. Even if the majority of these processes go off without a hitch, a single supply chain malfunction will push back the next process.

Once it has been given the all-clear for import, it travels through local mail hubs before arriving at you.

Why is it taking so long for my order to arrive?

If you experience delays, kindly check your account’s “Order History” to see how many business days have passed since you placed the order before contacting us. We aim to provide the fastest and most reliable steroid shipping service possible, so you can achieve your fitness goals in no time. You should have received your order by the tenth day (or 17 if you live outside of the United States). 

If it still hasn’t arrived by then, kindly let us know so that our staff can investigate the situation.

Getting Your Package

Why do I have to sign my order when it comes in?

When it comes to receiving your order of steroids, we know that speed and security are paramount. That’s why we offer fast and discreet shipping using EMS (USPS), so you can get your items as quickly and securely as possible. With our monitored shipment service, you’ll need to sign for your order upon delivery, ensuring that your items have been transported correctly and giving you peace of mind.

Issues with the Shipments

What happens if my order gets misplaced in the mail?

In the unlikely event that your order gets misplaced in the mail, we’ve got you covered. Simply contact us with your Order ID number, and we’ll take care of the rest. If your order has been held at customs for more than 30 days, we’ll reship it at no additional cost to you.

What is the turnaround time for customs inspections?

We understand that waiting for customs clearance can be frustrating, which is why we work to ensure that our turnaround times are as quick as possible. While customs clearance can typically take up to five days, we strive to get your purchase cleared and on its way to you as soon as possible. The main causes of delays are customs clearance in the nation where the goods are exported as well as customs in the country of destination, so please be patient if your tracking information appears inactive for a few days.

At our company, we’re committed to providing the fastest and most discreet shipping options for your steroids. Trust us to get your order to you as quickly and securely as possible.

What are the chances that my package will be seized by customs?

If you’re looking to buy steroids with fast and discreet shipping, our packaging is meticulously done to ensure a 99.9% success rate in delivering goods to customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and South Africa. But, in case your purchase gets seized by customs, we offer a no-cost replacement policy. We will either reship your items or credit your account for future purchases.

As part of our no-cost replacement policy, we will either reship your items or credit your account for future purchases. We will re-ship it inside the US within 6–14 business days after you email us the official notification of the seizure from the post office or customs, or to a non-US address within 7–17 working days.

The purchase might have been seized by customs.

If you need to take advantage of our reshipping policy, please let us know by completing the form on our Contact Us page and sending us an email. We might need a photo or scanned copy of the Customs and Excise seizure paperwork from you to verify whether the products were taken and discuss reimbursement options. Alternatively, we might offer to ship the missing items to you again for free.


Why is it taking so long when my packages are being reshipped?

It’s because your address might be flagged if a previous order from us was seized by customs because it contained prohibited goods. Sending anabolic steroid products to the same location on a regular basis is dangerous because Customs and Excise might become suspicious. This will subject any future foreign package delivered to your address, whether it is from us or not, to scrutiny, delaying all of your shipments.

We make every effort to prevent future inconvenience for you if any of your items need to be reshipped. Our staff may ask you to provide a different receiving address than the one you initially provided to ensure that the items reshipped to you reach you securely. We’ll either break it up into smaller, easier-to-manage packages or ship it from a different overseas warehouse.

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