Sustanon 350

Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)
Brand: Dragon Pharma
Package: 10 mL vial (350 mg/mL)


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Sustanon 350

Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Drug form – 10 ml vial of 350 mg/ml

Active substance — Testosterone mix (Sustanon)

Sustanon 350 is a specialized anabolic multi-estered steroid drug. Currently it is used not only in medicine, but also in sports. Sportsmen leave positive feedback about this drug as it is rather strong and allows them to achieve their desired needed within their sport. The normal required dosage for this active chemical effects to take place, is from 250-500mg per week for the average athlete.

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon is an injectable anabolic substance that has a positive impact on the athlete’s body increasing the muscle size and improving the overall sports performance. This mix is based on four testosterone esters that are also active and strong within each of their Anabolic and Androgenic indexes. The effect of this drug can last up to three weeks due to the longer esters that are within this substance. This allows for achieving the needed results and good sports performances for a widespread of athletes in various different sports. Sustanon can be bought at an online sports nutrition store or via online chemist stores. Many anabolic drugs that positively influence the sportsman’s body are now sold only via these online chemist stores. Sustanon can be detected in blood for three months, so it should be noted that if you are using this substance for pre-competition use, you should allow this time off of the steroid to allow the substance to fully exit the bloodstream prior to any upcoming doping tests. The best bonus that this substance promotes, is due to the short and longer esters within Sustanon, one injection can be taken every two-three weeks for those beginner athletes that do not like the administration process of injectable steroids. On the other hand, for those who are fully comfortable with this process, this substance should be administered twice weekly for the short esters to take full effect. Sportsmen that exercise a lot and wish for improving their sports performances also take this drug for increasing the muscle size and also the endurance.

Sustanon 350 Advantages

– Improved appetite for the user;

– Improved oxygen transportation for the muscles;

– Improved libido levels and sexual desire;

– Improved sports performances in many different areas;

– Fast increase of the muscle size, volume and strength;

– Increased endurances for those longer intense workouts.

Sustanon application and dosage

Sustanon can be taken both by men and women. But it’s very important to follow the necessary dosage that will not cause any adverse side effects. Be very careful with the dosage because there are some rules that should be strictly followed. The therapeutic dose for men is 350mg every second to the third week. Experienced to the professional sportsmen should take 500-750mg per week depending on the experience level and needed result of the athlete. 250mg per week is enough for professional female athletes for achieving a good result within their competitions. Sustanon is also a rather affordable substance for any sportsman including beginner athletes.

Post-Cycle Therapy after Sustanon cycle 

During the post-cycle therapy, athletes should take Tamoxifen and Clomid within their recovery cycle. These drugs and their actions reinforces the result and prevents the rollback effect (water weight loss after stopping the anabolic substance). The feedback about Sustanon for many professionals has proven this several times over the years. Many professional sportsmen have been using Tamoxifen only also for several years and they have been satisfied with the results of their recovered hormones. But for this PCT, you must adjust this according to the strength and length of your anabolic cycle and also based on which drugs were used within the cycle. For more information on these individually based recovery cycles, you can contact one of our expert members via our online service team and received informed advice on which drugs are needed, what dosages are needed and also the durations of the cycle to suit you and your body type.

You can order original Sustanon within our online store, as well as all of the PCT drugs that you may require, as it is always advised to have all of your substances ready to go, before starting any cycle or course of steroids.


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