Anastrozole for Sale in the United States

Anastrozole is an anti-estrogen preparation that is available in the form of tablets. Initially, Anastrozole was developed as a medicine for breast cancer. However, in our day in practice, the drug is practically not used. Although in sport, Anastrozole has gained immense popularity, it is used regularly by athletes and fans of power sports. The drug helps these athletes to avoid gynecomastia, which is, the growth of the mammary glands, relieves edema and other side negative effects that often accompany the course of taking anabolic drugs.


Anastrozole’s Use


Anastrozole should be taken in two cases: with the appearance of severe side effects after taking steroids and before the start of the course as a prophylactic. Tablets are usually used after the course of anabolic steroids ends. Also, Anastrozole is recommended only for experienced athletes: beginners should preferably be discarded.

The point is aromatization – the process of converting the male hormone testosterone (or its synthetic analogs) into the female hormone estradiol. It is its increased level that is the most common cause of side effects on the course of steroids. In order for the aromatization process to be reduced, aromatase inhibitors are used. The most common of these is Anastrozole. A well-chosen dosage of it will allow you to keep the level of estradiol within the reference values and avoid many unpleasant side effects.


Effects of Anastrozole

Anastrozole has pronounced effects; only one milligram of the active substance can lower the content of estradiol in the bloodstream by 80%! Even Tamoxifen, which is quite popular with bodybuilders, cannot be compared with Anastrozole for the strength of the effect. However, the drugs have a different principle of action, so a comparison between them is unlikely to be correct.

As well as the suppression of the aromatization process (conversion of testosterone to estradiol), Anastrozole is able to provide an increase in the level of endogenous testosterone in the absence of exogenous hormones in the body and also reduce the amount of water under the skin by lowering estradiol levels.


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