Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)

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Masteron contains the active substance, Drostanolone. There are two forms of this substance – Propionate and Enanthate. Previously, Testosterone Propionate was widely used in the field of medicine, it was very often prescribed in the treatment of breast cancer. But, since during the treatment there was a need for constant intake of this substance, the risk of virilization in women increased. The drug had to be abandoned. However, Masteron is very popular among men, thanks to the use of the drug during weight loss. When taking this drug, the index of subcutaneous fat is significantly reduced by increasing the density and strength of the muscles. Masteron is used in various sports in preparation for bodybuilding competitions.

Masteron in Bodybuilding

The drug is very popular among bodybuilders, as Masteron helps to build high-quality muscle mass and remove excess fluid from the body. When taking Masteron, the athlete’s strength indicators improve, muscle mass significantly increases, but the athlete’s weight is stable and does not change.

Masteron is considered an expensive drug, but, nevertheless, it is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes who need high and quality performance. There is an opinion that the price-quality indicator of Masteron is optimal, since with a slow gain in mass, a rapid increase in muscle mass occurs.

As a result of laboratory studies, it was found that Masteron is one of the safest injectable steroids, so the Masteron and Oxandrolone complex of drugs are perfect for building muscle definition and drying the body. However, women are advised to be careful when taking Masteron, as it causes the manifestation of male external signs.

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