Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Anavar for Sale in the USA

Anavar is a high-quality development drug widely known in the United States. The drug is the safest anabolic steroid with a powerful anabolic activity. The drug is based on the chemical substance Oxandrolone, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The chemical molecule of Anavar has an oxygen atom together with two carbon atoms and a methyl group in the 17-alpha position. Based on this position of the molecular basis, the anabolic activity of the steroid increases by several times that of testosterone, and the androgenic index, on the contrary, decreases to a possible minimum.

The History behind Anavar

It has been possible to buy Oxandrolone since 1964, it was in this year that it was synthesized in the United States by the former manufacturer of many ААS, Serla Laboratories. Then the steroid was named Anavar. Due to the lowered demand for the drug, further production then seemed meaningless, and Americans stopped production and distribution on July 1, 1986. Closer to our time, there are many different target areas in which Oxandrolone is the best solution, therefore many companies have restored production, and today, Anavar occupies a fairly good position in the doping market. Nevertheless, the drug is considered exotic, and is not used quite often by male athletes due to its weak androgenic activities, it is mostly popular within female athletes.

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Effects of Anavar

Some people think that if the price of the drug is high, then the effect should be as strong as possible, in the case of Anavar, this is a myth. If you need volume and mass, it is not worth spending the money and encouraging yourself to train hard. The drug will not give you a good and steady increase in mass, but it can provide 100% muscle quality, within their tracing and depth. Anavar has provided itself with great popularity in drying courses, the unique ability of the drug lies in its fat-burning effect and, at the same time, in gaining dry muscle mass. Speaking without disguise, there is no better drug in the pre-competition period! Such conclusions are due to the fact that the drug covers absolutely all aspects of drying. When an athlete loses weight and water, Anavar preserves the muscles, in the case of a low-carb diet, the drug also reduces appetite.

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Anavar has a very short detection period in the body of up to 3 weeks, which makes it attractive for athletes who must pass a doping test. In addition, Anavar has been widely used for many decades in sports such as arm wrestling or weightlifting, where strength indicators are important without changing the mark of the athlete’s own weight class.

A very big advantage among other anabolic steroids is the inability of Oxandrolone to aromatize. As it is commonly known, part of the testosterone in the blood is converted into estrogen. The conversion process is expressed in different ways for everyone, depending on the sensitivity of the body to the female sex hormones. Therefore, water retention or gynecomastia will never bother you within a course. Women with a sensitive reaction to anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) can achieve good results with Oxandrolone, without the risk of virilization and other side effects associated with androgenic activity.

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