Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)

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Winstrol is a time-tested development founded by Winthrop Laboratories. The chemical basis of the drug is the substance Stanozolol. Being a derivative form of dihydrotestosterone with a modified structure, Winstrol has powerful anabolic qualities, while its androgenic properties are minimized.


The substance was first synthesized by America in 1962 under the name Winstrol, the first target audience of use was veterinary medicine and it was used to improve the performance of racing horses, but was soon approved by the Food Drug Administration for use in human sports. That time was the beginning of the epic Stanozolol in the sports industry as one of the best doping drugs in the history of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids. At the moment, the steroid is available in tablet and injectable forms in the USA and several other countries. However, many athletes prefer to use Winstrol Depot (the injectable version) due to its longer half-life and safer use in terms of hepatotoxicity.

Effects of Winstrol

For a clearer idea of the properties of injectable Stanozolol, it is worth noting that this steroid is not able to build muscle mass in large quantities, nevertheless it is good if your main goal is to build ideal muscles, in terms of proportions and a finished appearance.

The arguably most desirable benefit of Winstrol is its ability to improve the quality of muscle mass. Stanozolol is able to dry out muscle fibers, giving the muscles a finished look, the muscles become firm and durable, the vascularity and depth increase and the section is manifested. Winstrol Depot is also able to reduce cell hydration. It is most often used by athletes during the drying period, due to its ability to eliminate excess fluid from the body. Winstrol is effective during and after an anabolic steroid cycle. There is also a fat burning effect when using Winstrol in a cycle. Reviews praise it for the ability to burn fat in people with a normal percentage of fat, while keeping muscles from breaking down, even with a low-carb diet. At the same time, Stanozolol increases food cravings and stimulates appetite. Winstrol can even improve the performance of other Androgenic Anabolic Steroids within a cycle as it reduces the amount of globulin. There are rumors about the anti-progestogenic and anti-estrogenic effects of Winstrol, but we are certain that it is a good anti-catabolic. Another popular effect is the rapid development of strength and endurance. Winstrol is used not only in powerlifting sports, but also in those disciplines where power, speed, strength and endurance are important while maintaining a certain weight category (martial arts, athletics and weightlifting, arm wrestling, and others).

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