Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)
Brand: Dragon Pharma
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Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Drug form – 100 tablets of 10 mg

Active substance — Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is an oral steroid, similar in structure to Methyltestosterone, but it is much more powerful than this substance and most other steroids by having a 1,900 to 850 anabolic to androgenic ratio. These powerful rating are hardly ever seen and called by most athletes “off the charts” within its power indexes, being that Trenbolone is classed as the strongest anabolic on the market, but yet, this substance is nearly 4 times as strong in its anabolic index and over 1.5 times as strong within its androgenic index rating. Initially, it was used as a drug for the treatment of male hypogonadism, but later this practice was abandoned due to extremely strong toxicity to the liver. Now the main area of application of the drug is an increase in strength indicators (pronounced), an increase in aggression before competitions (due to very strong androgenic activity), as well as an increase in muscle density. It is used mainly in bodybuilding and boxing, but especially powerlifters use this drug also. For those power hungry athletes and muscle heads, this substance will be highly desired.

Effects of intake

* Pronounced big increases in strength indicators without major weight gain;

* Despite the androgenic index (850% of testosterone) and the anabolic (1,900% of testosterone), Halotestin practically does not cause muscle tissue growth;

* Increased aggression and concentration levels (useful before competitions);

* Increased libido, erections and sexual desire while on cycle;

* Accelerated development of secondary sexual characteristics and sexual organs;

*  It does not aromatize, so users can gain pure muscle without the added water;

* Very toxic to the liver, so should only be run in very short cycles.

How to take Halotestin

It is reasonable to take Halotestin only before competitions, starting 2 weeks before the competition starts. The daily dosage is 10mg per day, the extremely permissible dosage is 20mg per day. Everything above can be fraught with extremely unpleasant side effects if you do not keep track of your dosages, tolerance levels to the drug and also the time that you run this drug or (the duration of its use).

The course of Halotestin even for two weeks significantly affects the production of the user’s own testosterone, so carrying out an enhanced PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after the course with anti-estrogens is strictly mandatory. Another component that is mandatory with the use of this powerhouse substance, is the cleaning of the liver (for example, with injectable “heptral”), as the drug is extremely toxic to the liver and will need added liver care supplements taken in high dosages to help and keep the liver’s health from being affected from the toxicity of this powerful oral agent.

You can get acquainted in more detail with the regimens of taking the drug, as well as learn more about its side effects by visiting our informational pages or online forums, searching the topic, Fluoxymesterone.

Side Effects

In regards to side effects associated with this drug, none of the normal or common problems from anabolic steroids are reported. The only side effects that commonly occurs in acne, but this can be dealt with easily by keeping some good facial and body scrub within your possession and making sure to increase the daily number of showers or washes. The main side effect that dwarfs above all others is its toxicity towards the liver, which we have stated above. Being that this is such a powerful and strong oral agent, even in small dosages within small cycles, this can be enough to really put that extra added stress and toxicity on the vital organ. Due to this, taking some Milk Thistle tablets and also the injectable live care and protective products are recommended for the athlete’s own health purposes.

Reviews about Halotestin

Athletes who did not exceed the dosage of 20mg per day and used the drug for two to three weeks’ maximum, leave positive reviews about Halotestin and noting more than the reviews regarding their huge increases in strength and power indicators!

However, there are a lot of negative reviews on the Internet about Halotestin and its side effects as stated, such as: acne and extremely poor liver indicators on the course. This is due to both the individual reaction of the body and the dosages that are used by the athlete. Most athletes who have taken this drug, do not adhere to the extra added liver care products and also the dosage and duration of the drugs recommendations. But due to it being so powerful, the “more the better” moto does not work here and will only end up causing health issues like you may read within the negative reviews.

If you are serious about your training, your sport, or just your body in general and can stick to the rules of administration without going over these dosages or durations, you may achieve the great benefits from this powerful agent without having to worry about your health. This is a genuinely amazing substance for those serious, dedicated and sensible upcoming athletes who want to take their game to a whole new level.

You can buy original Halotestin now from our reputable online store and have it delivered within a short space of time. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

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