Induject-250 (ampoules)

Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)
Brand: Alpha Pharma
Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)


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Induject-250 (ampoules)

Manufacturer – Alpha Pharma

Drug form – 10 ampoules of 250 mg/ml

Active substance – Testosterone mix (Sustanon 250)

The pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma produces Sustanon under their Induject-250 brand name. Currently athletes often use this AAS compound that contains mixes of different esters of the testosterone hormone. If you are planning on buying this anabolic legally within the US, unfortunately this is impossible. So, we offer Induject-250 within our online steroid store. We distribute this product and any others that are ordered privately so nobody will find out about your purchase or what it contains.

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Induject-250 advantages

Some athletes are sure that for achieving similar results it’s enough to mix all of the single testosterone esters that are present in Induject-250 together. But this is impossible as pharmaceutical companies use a specific technology for these esters to strategically align with one and other and in turn, release the most effective combination of absorption rates to feed the blood with the necessary hormone for the optimal output in performances. As this is a steroid of both short and prolonged effects, a high and smooth anabolic balance is kept for a long time during this cycle with Sustanon.

Some claim that such a result can be achieved when taking Testosterone Enanthate alone. This is partially true but please note that due to the length of the cycle needed with the Enanthate ester, side effects and other issues usually arise. Being that Induject-250 has a fast effect form the moment of administration and carries these effects over a longer duration, the results are impeccable. Besides, Induject-250 allows for less water to be retained if compared to the Enanthate ester, where more water weight is held due to having only the longer-acting ester of Testosterone Enanthate circulating the blood. This multi-estered anabolic compound is also rather affordable compared with buying multi separate compounds to combine within a cycle.

During the cycle you will quickly perceive the growth of physical properties so muscle growth will be the last of your worries when using Sustanon. If an athlete suffers from joint discomfort or have had pre-existing condition from past injuries, Induject-250 can treat them and make the worries of lifting heavy weight a thing of the past. But this factor is important for all body-builders as their joints undergo a high load during the exercises. Besides also having strong anti-catabolic properties, this drug is perfect for those who wish to gain all of these benefits within just one or two injections per week.

Induject-250 cycle

Experienced bodybuilders know all peculiarities of taking this Anabolic, but the information here will be useful for beginner bodybuilders who are wondering what this multi-estered popular compound can offer and also why it’s become the “go to” substance for many bodybuilders and athletes. This steroid should not be used for longer than 8-10 weeks for beginner athletes, this is to give the body a break and recovery the hormones quickly and efficiently, ready for the next cycle. The recommended dose for the average athlete is between 250-500mg per week. After you have a few cycles of using testosterone under your belt, 750mg can become more suggestable. We recommend for beginners to start Induject-250 at the lower dosage for the initial intake and once you assess your tolerance levels and become more experienced with the drug, you can start to increase the dosages over the upcoming cycles.

Please note that this drug can react with the aromatase (converts testosterone into estrogen), this is the same for all types of Testosterone substances that are used. For preventing a sharp growth of estradiol (estrogen) within the body, cycles should include Anastrozole or any drug that belongs to the group of aromatase inhibitors. These can be taken if any estrogenic issues arise during your cycle. After the cycle a full-fledged post-cycle therapy is required for the recovery of the natural hormones.

It should be noted that there is no negative feedback about the drug. All athletes agree that it’s a very efficient anabolic that allows significantly improving the sports performances.

Where can I buy Induject-250 by Alpha Pharma at an affordable price?

Look no further! Our online store offers high-quality and time-proven anabolic steroids only. The feedback from our clients and professional athletes confirms this. According to the athletes’ feedback on the website, Induject-250 has a really efficient composition. You can read the review pages for this amazing substance and see for yourself.

It is very easy to make an order on our steroid website and this takes not more than three minutes once you have selected your desired product. After adding the product into the cart just enter your address for shipping by US mail and we will do the rest. We appreciate each and every one of our customers, so make all shipments without delay so that you’ll visit us again and continue to buy only genuine steroids for your cycles to ensure you reach you desired goals. For more individual-based information regarding any product or queries that you may have, please feel free to message our outstanding service team for further advice and support.

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