Magnum Primo 100

Substance: Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan depot)
Brand: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Package: 5 ampoules (100mg/ml)


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Magnum Primo 100

Manufacturer – Magnum Pharmaceuticals

Drug form – 5 ampoules at 100 mg/ml

Active ingredient – Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan)

This is one of the main drugs that the great Arnold Schwarzenegger used within most cycles. Mostly anabolic rather than androgenic. Unlike many other drugs, it differs by the absence of estrogenic and androgenic effects. It has a mild effect and does not differ in effect between beginners and professionals due to this, experienced athletes can enjoy the benefit of longer cycles with less health risks or occurring side effects.

Features and positive effects

Magnum’s Primo 100 uses Primobolan as its main active ingredient. It has a positive effect on the body as follows:

  • Prevents the accumulation of excess fluid and fat;
  • Improves the quality and definition of the muscles;
  • Shows high performance when used with Boldenone, allowing significant muscle building to occur;
  • Only slightly affects the natural production of testosterone within its users;
  • Can be used by experienced female athletes, which has made it so favored by females also;
  • Does not cause aromatization, which is a big plus for many bodybuilders;
  • Not hepatotoxic towards the liver.

Application methods

Primobolan is often used to prepare for competitions. It is used to dry out the muscles between AAS courses.

A weekly dosage for men is allowed in the range of 200-800mg, with a course duration of up to 3 months. If the drug is used solo, the dosage is usually 600-800 mg per week.

For women, a dosage of 50-100 mg per week is only recommended. The duration of these courses are 1 month long per cycle.

It is recommended to administer these injections 1-2 times a week, because the half-life of the substance is about 6 days. It is allowed to be used in long courses up to 20 weeks also, for those experienced athletes.

To get a lasting result without rollbacks, it is recommended to use PCT, in the form of Nolvadex.

Combination with other AAS

The best cutting cycle stack with Primo 100 is Stanozolol and Testosterone Propionate. It can also be used with Testosterone Enanthate, but there is a greater likelihood of fluid build-up, due to the longer acting ester. Therefore, before a competition, it is better to cancel it and add anti-estrogens into the course.

Women can combine the drug with Oxandrolone, as these both have low androgenic ratings.

Possible side effects

Primo 100 is one of the safest Magnum steroids available. It is easily tolerated by the body, does not cause aromatization and provides low androgenic activity. At the same time, it almost does not suppress any testosterone production within its users. Subject to the dosage and duration of the course, it does not cause any side effects.

If the instructions for use are violated or the drug is abused, insomnia and increased aggression may occur.

Reviews on Primo 100

Athletes use the drug to obtain high-quality, pronounced muscles. In this case, there is no rollback effect. Some people perceive the absence of puffiness or fluid retention as a disadvantage. However, this is the opposite and is a sign of quality muscles rather than having bloated water muscles.

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