Anti Estrogens

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Sport requires taking medications of various kinds. Most athletes use hormone therapy to enhance their performance. In this case, the body is likely to convert the hormone testosterone into estrogens. Most often, such transformations cause side effects and consequences in the body. To reduce the likelihood of negative reactions, athletes include anti-estrogen drugs in the course. Antiestrogens are an indispensable part of the body’s pharmacological support. You should buy a suitable drug if you are using steroids or are just about to do so.

Types of Anti Estrogens

There are a great number of antiestrogens on the pharmacological market, produced by different companies in many countries of the world. They are divided into 2 main groups: aromatase inhibitors and estrogen blockers. They have a definition of impact for men, but are applied at different periods of the course.

In order to correctly approach therapy for restoring the hormonal system, you need to apply the right type of antiestrogen at the correct period of the course. Beginners should use aromatase inhibitors during the course, as well as Proviron. Do not use estrogen receptor blockers at the same time with anabolic steroids. The fact is that blockers have many side effects, causing irreparable harm to the athlete’s body, which will be even greater compared to the side effects of a heavy course of steroids.

The Benefits of Anti Estrogens

The many benefits of the use of Antiestrogens include: elimination of estrogenic reactions; stabilization of blood pressure; treatment of gynecomastia; promoting the production of the body’s own testosterone; improving overall well-being; encouraging stable erections and libido; reducing the likelihood of a rollback; eliminating the effects of water accumulation in tissues; allowing you to complete the course with maximum comfort; suppressing the feeling of tiredness; improving the work of the heart and blood vessels; prevention of a stroke or heart attack; obstruction of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland and normalization of mood and sleep.

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