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In their first year, many beginners are faced with the phenomenon of rollback, when the results obtained vanish completely, and it often happens that their indicators fall below the level that was available before the start of the course.

Post-course therapy helps to avoid this, including the use of drugs that promote the production of your own hormones, but you can save even more results if you choose the right sports nutrition for this phase. The correct PСT consists of: Pre-training complexes; Creatine drugs; Vitamin and mineral complexes; Polyunsaturated fat acids.

To achieve a better understanding, each element should be analyzed in detail. The prices are affordable to both professional athletes and just amateurs.

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Drugs for PCT

Pre-training complexes – If during a steroid cycle the body was overflowing with energy and the desire to exercise and the weights were lifted with extraordinary ease, then after stopping the use of steroids, everything becomes the opposite — during training, an athlete feels like a monkey hung on his shoulders and does not allow him to exercise at full strength. In this situation, a pre-training complex will help perfectly, which will spur the body on past achievements that took place at the peak of the course.

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Creatine – The main function of creatine is to increase strength qualities in the long term perspective. During the cycle, it is not necessary to take it, since pharmacological drugs already increase strength indicators greatly. Over the time, the body may develop tolerance to the supplement. Creatine is recommended to be taken after the course of therapy, in order not to let the results fade away. Since the properties of creatine appear in the long term perspective, you should start taking it two to three weeks before the end of the cycle, and to finally consolidate the results, continue training without it at the end.

Vitamin and mineral complexes – For endogenous testosterone production, a whole complex of elements is needed, but a special role is assigned to zinc. Therefore, when purchasing vitamin and mineral complexes, special attention should be paid to the concentration of this mineral (at least 5mg). However, the body needs an increased concentration of all elements to resume natural training.

Polyunsaturated fat acids – These include the so-called omega-3, -6, -9 fat acids, which normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, participating in cellular metabolism. They mainly enter the body with food (fish, nuts, vegetable oils), but it is also necessary to take supplements containing these fat acids on the PCT to restore metabolism and return to the previous regime.

This is a standard set of sports nutrition that is derived for post-course therapy after a course of steroids. Depending on the nature and properties of the drugs used, the athlete can add other things (for example, supplements for joints and ligaments), but it is not recommended to exclude anything.


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