The most popular Steroid Myths

Many people are afraid of steroids, sports nutrition, as well as other substances that are associated with bodybuilding and powerlifting. This is most likely caused by a large number of myths and rumours that were actively circulated about twenty years ago. Now you will learn all the basic myths about steroids, which in any circumstances cannot be believed. Many athletes are surprised, as in the era of the internet and digital technologies, someone still believes in the oldest gossip and rumours heard elsewhere, while they have no evidence, either practical or scientific.

1. Infertility and impotence.

The first thing that comes to mind when an ignorant person is told about steroids, is all the stupid impotent people who ruined their masculine power with a variety of drugs. During the cycle of taking steroids, a man becomes so energetic that his body begins to require several sexual acts per day. But after the end of the cycle, naturally this effect disappears, but nevertheless, the user’s libido will return to its normal form, as before taking steroids. It is worth noting that, nevertheless, there were cases when the athletes used the drugs incorrectly and became impotent, some at the same time “returned to duty” after several months of treatment. But you have to be careful! It is necessary to pass tests for hormones before and after any steroid administration, take a cycle of PCT (the recovery of hormones). Basically, problems were received by people who did not understand this at all and took large doses of steroids and not correctly, but did not even hear about the importance of the recovery (Post Cycle Therapy).

2. Without steroids, the same results can be achieved.

These are also common myths about steroids, as various substances give your body an incredible amount of properties needed for muscle building. To achieve the same results, on a normal diet, you need to be a real monster with outstanding genetics. Such cases have been seen in history, but there are less than three of them, so we can say with confidence that, without the use of these drugs, there will be no stunning results seen.

3. The fight against steroids in professional sports makes athletes give up these substances.

This rule applies not only to representatives of bodybuilding, but also to all of the athletes in general. Since due to strict doping rules, laboratories simply invent substances that can allow you to bypass all kinds of doping checks and to leave an athlete unnoticed in the use of steroids or other prohibited drugs.

4. After taking steroids, you will become like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Another myth, in fact, the use of steroids will not make you a huge monster. In addition to taking steroids, you need to train hard and properly along with eating well. The effect will not be very large after one dose of steroids, these drugs alongside the dedicated hard work can still take months to achieve and besides, you need to be able to keep the gained muscle after your cycle is over, so taking smaller amounts is sometimes the better option! Most inexperienced athletes do not run a proper PCT immediately after the cycle and this means that they end up deflating like a balloon. This is called the kickback phenomenon, and this is because after the end of the cycle, the testosterone levels in the athlete’s blood stream drops sharply as their natural hormones are already so low. Therefore, the production of the user’s own natural testosterone is decreased and the body with a low level of testosterone cannot keep up with such a volume of muscle mass and begins to use its own muscle as fuel. A PCT is done in order to keep the maximum amount of muscle mass gained and so that the losses are minimal. Also, the recovery is to restore your body’s natural functioning such as the liver, kidneys, heart and testicles.

So, now you have learned the most important myths about steroids, it is important to not trust the rumours and double check everything that is said by someone personally. Use various sources for this and try to disseminate only truthful information, because only in this way will we be able to overcome all of the established myths about steroids.

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