Substance: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)
Brand: Dragon Pharma
Package: 100 Tabs (20 mg/tab)


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Manufacturer – Dragon Pharma

Drug form – 100 tablets of 20 mg

Active substance – 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Turinabol)

Turanabol is very similar in chemical structure to Dianabol and Anavar. The active substance is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, which causes a number of differences from classical Dianabol and Anavar.

The chemical formula of Turinabol

Turanabol is the brand name for one of the best oral anabolic steroids, Turinabol. The course of Turinabol is considered one of the best options for “getting to know” pharmacology. This drug is produced by the well-known brand Dragon Pharma and is abbreviated on the forums and known in most gyms as “T-Bols”. At the moment, the pharmaceutical company has become very popular due to its availability. Many online stores allow you to easily buy Turinabol, which was simply not available 5-10 years ago.

Effects of Turanabol by Dragon Pharma:

o Good anabolic activity;

o Moderate androgenic index;

o Prolonged effect (half-life 8 hours and duration of action 16);

o Lack of a depressing effect on the GGT axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles);

o Lack of aromatization (conversion to female hormones into estrogens);

o Moderate liver toxicity which is great for an oral steroid;

o Oral steroid (sold as a pill) and is easily consumed;

o Fewer side effects than most other oral steroids, even some injectable.

Description of the drug

Turinabol as noted above, is an oral steroid similar to methane “D-bol”. Its significant difference lies in the absence of side effects inherent in Methandienone, among which one can distinguish as a gain of fatty mass, a violation of the water-salt balance (fluid retention), discomfort in the joints, as well as the rollback effect. But with T-bols, this is not the common occurrence.

In most cases, the Turinabol course is used for two purposes:

o For beginners within their first course for gaining muscle mass;

o For experienced athletes in combination with testosterone esters for weight loss or for muscle growth.

Beginners can use the solo course and at the same time, gain a good understanding of how these anabolic substances affect the body and also receive the benefits such as the increase in strength and muscle growth and most importantly being lean high-quality muscle growth. If you follow the regimen and consume the right amount of calories, you can get an excellent result without the worry about your health or any of the dreaded oral negative effects occurring. The fact is that the course of Turinabol increases only dry muscle mass. Of course, the figure on the scales does not increase as fast as when using Dianabol, but at the same time, the user should take into account the lack of fat and water gain that this outstanding substance can provide.

Lower-format steroids, such as Methyltestosterone or the popular Dianabol, allow you to quickly progress in weight and in the same way, lose that same gained weight if you run an incorrect PCT or have a poor diet and training regimen. In addition to this, the phenomenon of the rejection in this case, is due to the accumulation of water and glycogen.

A Turinabol solo only cycle accelerates muscle gain. No fat or water, even with a relatively poor diet, this will be observed by most users especially beginners.

Effects of the solo course:

o Lean muscle mass growth (stable and high quality);

o Local lipolysis of muscles and corresponding definition;

o Increase in the concentration of free-type testosterone directly in the blood;

o Increased strength endurance, especially in high-rep workouts (15+);

o Slight increase in strength (creatine supplementation has a synergistic effect).

How to take Turanabol?

A beginner can safely use the drug as their first course. The dosage depends on the final goal and desired outcomes. Divide the total number of tablets at equal intervals, thereby creating a constant anabolic background without peaks and trough in the added nitrogen balance within the body for better muscle pumps. As a rule, for better and the most efficient maximized results, athletes use Turinabol 3 times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

You can buy Turanabol for both drying and gaining muscle mass. It is ideal for both tasks. It should be noted that even in huge dosages, it does not cause gynecomastia due to the lack of aromatization. This makes Turinabol one of the safest oral steroids available.

Also, experienced athletes or even beginners can combine the drug with any Testosterone ester, such as Propionate or Enanthate, depending on the frequency of injections and the availability of such steroids. Positive reviews about Turinabol are direct evidence of the high quality of this product.

Side effects

The only problem that athletes face is the high cost of this steroid. It is necessary to understand that this is a high-quality anabolic drug in a convenient oral form. There are a number of side effects that are often encountered by athletes while using the cheaper oral steroids like Dianabol.

In general, you always have to pay extra for good quality. If you have a decent experience in the use of pharmacology, then even Dianabol will suit you, but this option is often not suitable for beginners. It is in this situation that Turinabol will be the most rational solution for those looking to start within the world of anabolic, those who do not like the increased health risks of anabolic steroids, or simply for those who want to up their endurance levels and gain extra within their sport, without becoming a huge muscled monster steroid head.

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