What Are Anabolic Steroids?

Many people are not too knowledgeable in the field of sports nutrition, as well as various supplements. They believe that all of it is harmful, including steroids. But what are steroids and do they really harm the health and functioning of the body? Let’s find out.

What are steroids?

In general, these are substances that are obtained using chemical reactions. With their help, the body accelerates and increases the process of protein synthesis and in this active mode, the promotion of muscle mass occurs. Professional athletes, not only bodybuilders and powerlifters, use steroids to build muscle, as well as for recovering much faster from heavy and intensive physical exertion. It is worth noting that there is a great similarity between steroids and the male hormone testosterone.

The effects of consumption

It is worth noting that steroids for muscle growth are divided according to the principle of work into two subcategories, namely anabolic and androgenic. It is important to understand that they penetrate into all tissues without any problems, even including the brain. Because of this, a person can sharply increase their level of irritability, self-criticism, while the attraction to sexual activity is also significantly increased. In addition, harm can also occur in physical form, namely, various rashes on the skin. The load on your heart also increases significantly, so it is also important to remember and take this into account when taking these kinds of medications.

Selling steroids

Mainly, any anabolic steroids are drugs that are strictly controlled, but in fact almost no one complies with this rule. Anyone can order their drugs of interest through internet resources and then simply pick them up by mail. Of course, you can be held criminally liable for steroids, but the likelihood that you will be detained is minimal. Especially if you do not vividly advertise the fact that you are using them.

In general, steroids are not naturally safe for the body, but if everything is done sensibly and correctly, then you can minimize the negative effects and significantly enhance the positive effects. Thus, you can gain muscle mass, without harming the body.

There are a lot of athletes who have taken and are still taking anabolic drugs and generally live normally while continuing to use steroids. The main thing is to approach everything thoughtfully. It is recommended to have a coach or an experienced person who can help to control your dosages and tell you how to do everything correctly.

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